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Need inspiration to travel? or just need a good book whilst on your travels? Below is a list of great reads.

Nowhere Like Home Nowhere Like Home: Misadventures in a Changing World Jamie Alexander (Paperback - 5 Dec 2012) An interesting look at travel, from the well trodden path to the off track and dangerous.

Oh Mexico Oh Mexico! Love and Adventure in Mexico City Lucy Neville (Paperback - 16 Jun 2011) Romance and adventure in Mexico, Lucy explores all corners of this exciting and dangerous country.

Sparring With Charlie Sparring with Charlie: Motorbiking Down the Ho Chi Minh Trail Christopher Hunt (Paperback - 1 Mar 1997) A great look at the history of the Vietnam war as Christopher travels from Hanoi to Saigon by Motorbike.

Twenty Something Twenty Something Paul L'Estrange (Paperback - 5 Mar 2013) A sexually explicit memoir of Pauls travels on the backpacker scene, falling in and out of love through six countries.

Tales From Nowhere Tales from Nowhere: Lonely Planet Publications Don George (Editor) (Paperback - 22 April 2011) A great read, with some excellent short stories from well-known international adventurers.

Inca Cola Inca Kola: A Traveller's Tale of Peru Mathew Parris (Paperback - 5 Aug, 1993) An absorbing account of bandits, prostitutes, peasants and riots in offbeat peru.

Chasing The Monsoon Chasing the Monsoon: A Modern Pilgrimage Through India Alexander Frater (Paperback - 6 May, 2005) Following the Monsoon, along with the ceremonies and religions of India.

Bangkok To Bc Bangkok to Bc Wolf E.Boy (Hardcover - 26 Apr, 2007) A journal of Wolf E.Boys travels through Thailand, Oz, New Zealand, Fiji, the US and Canada, fuelled by drink and drugs.

By Any Means By Any Means Charley Boorman (Paperback - 28 May, 2009) Charleys travels overland and sea from Wicklow to Wollongong using various forms of transport along the way.

Tequilla Oil Tequila Oil: Getting Lost In Mexico Hugh Thomson (Hardcover - Feb 5, 2009) This book is about Hugh travelling from the USA down through Mexico after buying a car to sell on. Hugh is a true adventurer.

Lost Cosmonaut Lost Cosmonaut Daniel Kalder (Paperback - Feb 1, 2007) Daniel travels to some places that others would rather avoid. Covering the deserts of Kalmykia, Udmurtia and Russia.

The Wrong Way Home The Wrong Way Home Peter Moore (Paperback - Apr 22, 2005) Written about Peters travels overland from London to Sydney covering all 25 contries on the way with great observations.

Are You Experianced Are You Experienced? William Sutcliffe (Paperback - Jun 4, 1998) A very funny read covering Daves first visit to India with his friends girlfriend. They both have very different stories in the end.

The Gringo Trail The Gringo Trail Mark Mann (Paperback - Mar 15, 2006) A crazy trip through South America with some excellent, brutal adventures of a true backpacker. Another book we couldn't put down.

Delhi Delhi Sam Miller (Paperback - Jun 4, 2009) Wondering around Delhi in a spiral, starting at Connaught Place, Sam re-discovers his past, Delhi present and the future of this crazy place.

Chasing Dreams Chasing Dreams Aaron Jennings (Paperback - Dec 8, 2008) A good book for younger first time travellers, this follows Matt on his first time adventures in Thailand and Australia.

Bangkok Days Bangkok Days Lawrence Osborne (Paperback - Mar 4, 2010) Showing the underside of Bangkok, Lawrence really sets the scene on his long term stay. Meeting lots of strange characters on the way.

The Backpacker The Backpacker John Harris (Paperback - Aug 3, 2009) This is one of those books you can't put down. John travels from India to Thailand through to Australia with plenty of incidents on the way.

Down Under Down Under Bill Bryson (Paperback - Aug 6, 2001) Some excellent observation by Bill Bryson travelling around Australia. With great facts about past and present, written in a humorous way.

Holy Cow Holy Cow!: An Indian Adventure Sarah MacDonald (Paperback - Mar 1, 2004) This book is about Sarah Macdonalds move to India with her husband. Following a spiritual journey Sarah discovers the dark and light sides of India and the various religions.

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